Payment methods

On the website it is possible to complete the payment in two ways: by credit card (on a PayPal secure server) or by bank transfer.

If you choose to pay by  credit card  you will be transferred to  the PayPal secure server  and you will have the possibility to end the purchase either through your PayPal account or through  any credit card  (even if you are not registered with PayPal at all).

Currently all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PostePay and Carta Aura are accepted  .

If you choose instead to pay by  bank transfer , an email will be sent to you with the bank details and instructions for the transfer. 
The transaction will be completed when the transfer is received, and the goods will be sent on the same day that the transfer is credited.

Everything will happen without any additional charge.

Payment security

Payment by credit card is made on the secure server of the "PayPal" system; the site  does  not ask, and therefore is not able to keep, any data outside of the personal data necessary for the opening of the account and the registration procedure (see "privacy information"); the PayPal computer system therefore guarantees the security of the transaction and the inviolability of the credit card data and other electronic payment instruments provided by the system. Carlo Grenci srl Unipersonale, in offering its users the services of a secure and specially developed system by third parties, assumes no responsibility for problems occurring outside the pages of the site.